Trans Virginia lawmaker storms out of chamber after being called ‘sir’ by Lt Gov Winsome Sears

A transgender lawmaker stormed out of the Virginia Senate chamber in protest after Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears referred to the lawmaker as “sir” on Monday.

Sen. Danica Roem, a Democrat and the first transgender person to serve in the Virginia legislature, is biologically male but identifies as a woman. Roem asked a question about a piece of legislation during a general session on Monday afternoon.

“Madam President, how many votes would it take to pass this bill with the emergency clause?” Roem asked.

“That would be four-fifths, Senator,” Sears responded.

“And what would be the exact number of that, Madam President?” Roem asked again.

“Yes, sir, that would be 32,” Sears said.

Roem could then be heard putting down the microphone and leaving the chamber. The lawmaker did not cast a vote in the roll call vote moments later.

Sears offered an apology for the incident later in the session, though she did not specifically apologize for referring to Roem by the lawmaker’s biological gender.

“I upset Sen. Roem,” Sears said. “Let it be known I am not here to upset anyone. I am here to do the job the people of Virginia have called me to do, and that is to treat everyone with respect and dignity. I myself have at times not been afforded that same respect and dignity.”

“But in this body, as long as I am president of the Senate and by the grace of God, I will be treated with respect and dignity, and I will treat everyone else with respect and dignity,” she added. “It is never my intention to make anyone offended, and I hope that others would consider that they would try not to offend me as well,” she said. “We are all equal under the law. And so I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, and I would hope, I would hope, that everyone would understand there is no intent to offend but that we would also give each other the ability to forgive each other.”

“I have seen us conduct ourselves in ways that we would not expect of our own children or nieces or nephews, and so I would hope that we would take this opportunity to be kind to each other, to be gracious to each other, to be about the people’s business,” she finished.

Fox News Digital reached out to Roem for comment on the incident and has not heard back.

Survey Shows Donald Trump Trouncing Joe Biden in Maine

Former President Donald Trump is trouncing President Joe Biden in Maine, a Pan Atlantic Research survey found.

Maine is different than the vast majority of states in awarding electoral votes, utilizing the congressional district method. Maine has two congressional districts and awards electoral votes to the popular winner across the state. However, it also awards electoral college votes to the popular vote winner in each district. Overall, the state has four electoral votes up for grabs, but it could, hypothetically, result in split electoral votes, given the way the state does this.

The Pan Atlantic Research survey found Trump leading Biden statewide by six percentage points — 38 percent to Biden’s 32 percent. Another 21 percent remain undecided.

Further, Trump is leading Biden in both congressional districts.

The former president leads Biden by eight points in the First Congressional District with 39 percent support to Biden’s 31 percent. Another 23 percent remain undecided.

Trump’s lead in the Second Congressional District is even greater, as the former president leads Biden by 20 points — 45 percent to Biden’s 25 percent. Another 19 percent remain undecided.

Further, the survey showed Trump also trouncing Republican primary challenger Nikki Haley by 42 points.

The survey was taken among 791 likely Maine voters and has a +/- 3.5 percent margin of error. It coincides with recent polls showing Trump leading Biden in key swing states Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada.

Polls: Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden in 7 out of 7 Swing States

Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in seven out of seven swing states, a series of surveys from EmersonPolling/the Hill found.

The surveys examined the potential — and increasingly likely — matchup between Trump and Biden in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina. The surveys found Trump leading Biden in every one of those states.

In a head-to-head matchup, Trump leads Biden by three points in Wisconsin, two points in Pennsylvania, six points in Nevada, two points in Michigan, six points in Georgia, three points in Arizona, and three points in North Carolina:

Trump 45% (+3)
Biden 42%
Trump 45% (+2)
Biden 43%
Trump 46% (+6)
Biden 40%
Trump 46% (+2)
Biden 44%
Trump 48% (+6)
Biden 42%
Trump 46% (+3)

Biden 43%



 Trump 47% (+3)

 Biden 44%

Further, Trump’s lead only seems to expand when third-party candidates are added to the mix. This is significant, as there was long speculation that the inclusion of a third-party candidate, such as independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., would hurt Trump more than Biden. But polls continue to show that this is not the case.

In Nevada, for example, Trump’s lead expands to ten points when RFK Jr., Jill Stein, and Cornel West are added to the mix. In North Carolina and Georgia, Trump’s lead expands to nine points.

With third-party candidates included, Trump’s lead sits at six points in Arizona, five points in Pennsylvania, four points in Wisconsin, and three points in Michigan.