BLM Branch Co-Founder’s Election Bombshell: Trump ‘Best Candidate’ for President

Mark Fisher, co-founder of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapter in Rhode Island, is advocating for former President Donald Trump’s return to the Oval Office in 2024—and insists he’s far from being the only one in the BLM movement to feel this way.

In a recent interview with podcast host Kim Iversen, Mr. Fisher was asked to defend remarks he made earlier that President Trump is “the best candidate we have.”

“Because everybody else sucks,” Mr. Fisher replied, later praising President Trump for his straightforward approach and contrasting it with what perceives as the Democratic Party’s hypocrisy.

Ms. Iversen sought to clarify Mr. Fisher’s response, asking if he thought President Trump was simply the best of a bad lot and frankly “not that great either.”

Mr. Fisher replied by highlighting his personal regard for President Trump—before adding that it’s hard not to appreciate what the 45th president brings to the table given the shortcomings of the incumbent.

“I like Trump,” he said, before adding: “I think right now, who we have sitting in the Oval Office is just a deep disappointment.”

He expressed “disdain” for President Joe Biden, adding that he “really dislikes” Vice President Kamala Harris as well.

Reacting to Mr. Fisher’s critical remarks about the incumbent and words of praise for the former president, Ms. Iversen suggested that her interviewee was probably a lone figure in the BLM movement who thinks this way.

“No,” Mr. Fisher insisted. “I feel like the tide is starting to turn,” he said, adding that he thinks “a lot of black people are starting to pivot off that Democratic plantation.”

“For so long, we’ve been slaves to that,” he added.

Google Continues Election Interference: Still Buries Trump, Other Biden Opponents

Republicans are about to have their third presidential primary debate, but Google continues to bury their campaign websites in search results.  

Google’s search engine once again favored Biden in searches conducted by Media Research Council Free Speech America. 

MRC researchers broadly searched for “presidential campaign websites” as well as four additional searches specifying the party affiliation of even the third-party candidates. Google continued to bury Republican candidates’ websites if their websites showed up on the first page of results at all. Meanwhile, Google’s AI chatbot previously — and with clear bias — ranked the presidential candidates when asked, but following the release of an MRC study on Bard, it is now staying mum.

In a search for “republican presidential campaign websites,” Google did not produce a single Republican candidate’s website. Shockingly not even Donald Trump’s website appeared even though he is polling above 50 percent according to all major polls. The search did come up with results for Marianne Williamson – who is running as a Democrat – and recent Republican dropout Will Hurd – who ended his presidential bid nearly a month ago after weeks of polling at zero. 

The campaign websites of Republican candidates Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott and Chris Christie were nowhere to be found on the first page of Google’s search results. 

It seems Google is joining the charge in creating hurdles for Trump. “Much like New York Attorney General Letitia James, Google appears to be doing everything it can to make sure Trump isn’t a recognized candidate for the 2024 presidential election,” said MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider.

Google had no problem retrieving incumbent President Joe Biden’s or Williamson’s websites in a search for “democrat presidential campaign websites,” as they appeared as the first and third results respectively. In fact, Williamson’s website somehow managed to appear on the first page of results for nearly every search, including a search for “independent presidential campaign websites.”