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Pence Gets Funding Bump Post-First Debate

Former Vice President Mike Pence received a fundraising bump following the first Republican presidential primary debate.

The Pence super PAC, Committed to America, received $250,000 in the days after the debate. A Pence campaign adviser later told The Hill that more than 1,000 small-dollar donations rolled in overnight.

On Sunday, Pence told CBS’s “Face the Nation” that after Wednesday’s debate, he is “more confident” that the 2024 GOP presidential nominee will not be his former boss, Donald Trump.

“I remain confident, more confident after Wednesday night, that the Republican nominee will not be the former president, that we’re going to give the American people a standard-bearer for the GOP that’s going to be able to lead us to victory against Joe Biden and the radical left.”

But Trump still leads in the Republican primary by a wide margin. As of Tuesday, according to FiveThirtyEight, median aggregate polling shows Trump 35.3 points ahead of the second leading candidate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Nonetheless, Pence noted on Sunday that he “signed a pledge to be on that stage” and would “support the Republican nominee.”