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Remember Y2K? Sure, you remember Y2K, the year 2,000. That was when everyone was convinced all the computers would freak out at the turn of the new century because there was some bug in the code, and everything run by computers would go bonkers. Scary stuff. People built Y2K bunkers. They stocked up food and water in Y2K pantries.

They prepared.

And nothing happened. Not a thing. Except a lot of people had a lot of groceries stored in bunkers.

The only thing Y2K has to do with The Mark & Mack Show is that was when Dave Mack and Mark Congleton were introduced. Neither of them had Y2K pantries, but they both had a passion for radio and for making radio fun for people who listened. So they pressed forward together to produce what eventually became the highest ranked morning show on Christian radio in America, continuing their success for over five years where they started, then moving on.

Since then they guys have worked together at various radio stations, produced a morning TV show, and eventually went separate ways, because that's how life works sometimes. Over the years Dave has stayed in radio, produced a syndicated midday show, and was even picked up as a regular commentator on CNN's Nancy Grace Show. Mark's tech savvy landed him the position of Director of Technology for the Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association, an impressive title he says actually means, "staff nerd".

The guys stayed in touch and eventually agreed it was time to work on putting their talents back on the air, so they devised a cunning plan.... none of which we can tell you about because there are contracts and privacy clauses and all manner of legal mumbo-jumbo that's all really boring anyway. Let's just say it worked out quite well, because here they are again producing a fun radio show you're going to love.

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